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Monday, December 30, 2013

Bull skull charm

This one is not actually a miniature. A "regular" sized charm, the distance between the two horns is 8cms. "He" ended up in a Western Style Shadow Box, created by Tandy. :)

The whole "thing" is made of polymer clay, detailed with soft pastels and acrylic paint. I like how it ended up, a bit old, washed almost clean white by time, just as it would turn up in the old west :)

Antique, old and a bit broken effect

Would like to try it in 1:12 and 1:18 scale :)

Improvisation :)

The finished Shadow Box by Tandy ! One of the bests so far!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Chicken dance

Bah, the most ridiculous title, that ever popped in my brain :D
Well, chicken... At first, I got a cabochon base from a friend, whom I had tons of trades so far. Turned it, bent it, watched closely, and I got the idea: Roast chicken! The idea was good, but completion is different... (I was such a beginner that time! This was like the 4th piece, I created!)

The upshot became soooo good, that I decided to keep it! But a few asked for chicken, so, I made another one. Unfortunately, both of them sit still in my mini-box, so... -place of the announcement- The one with the wooden board will be up in my soon-to-open Etsy-shop! I'll let you all know, whenever it's live!

Roast chicken on a cabochone base
Roast chicken, second try!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Co-production time! #1

Well, let me show you this real co-production job! In this bakery, you can see 3 different person's work. So let's see, who is behind the "crime"!

- The arrangement is my partner's, Tandy's work, who's main line is the Shadow Box decoration, which she does with AMAZING sense for furnishing! She cuts, paints, glue, and does all the messy job for us! You can check her site here:

- The wooden shop is created by Attila Székely, who is an excellent, amazing, jaw-dropping good wood-sculptor! Check his products on his site, and you'll be amazed!

- And finally, my job was the content of the bakery, the miniature bread, baguette, croissant, and all the different stuff you can see! I enjoyed this one soooo much!

Now, you have met the team, take some time, to visit their site, and enjoy the beauty they share! I promise, you'll be satisfied!

Ready, steady, eat!

Miniature bakery

Friday, December 27, 2013

Fast food freak out!

I love hamburger! And hot dogs, and pizza, and all kind of fast food. But only if I make it a home, restaurants have that artifical flavor, that I hate in my food. This one is 100% homemade! 1:12 scale, and the board is made of matches, which took like... forever? I only had superglue at home, so at the end, I was alll sticky, and gooey, and... you know, what superglue does to your skin! I should get some glue that fits for wooden pieces!
...not so fast food!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Wine-lovers' keychain

This project is pretty simple- I always have a hard time, finding out the gifts of each year. This year, I received some wine-opener charms, which I bid on ebay. That was a lucky bidding, for 30/ 0.83$! :D So I made this keychain for my father-in-law. It took about 3 hours of my life, I think worth the time! Also, I had a chance to improve my baguette-making skills :)

A bit of French feeling :)

...or late harvest...?

Life in miniature is so complicated!

I could never imagine, how much I will fall in love with miniatures. In the past 18 months, I worked with polymer clay. Started with jewellry, which I never really liked, mostly, because I don't really wear any of them. I had hard time, to push my creations in the border of an earring, which I would never wear, hard time with all the people, who asked for a gift for Christmas, for example. Why did I even start to make jewellry then? No reason, I think. When I bought my first set of Fimo, I made a lemon pie first. All the things that I could imagine was food, and that was the way I really wanted to go, but instead, I made hanging cats as earring, not even a bit of realistic. I hated it, soooo much, that my borders were so tight.

One day, I met someone, who is now my partner, and now uses my creations (most of the simple ones) as Shadow Box elements. That was the first time, when I had a chance, by a little force, to get out of the box of 'one-of-a-dozen' clayers, and make WHAT I LIKE TO- cakes, food, bread and baguette. Sometimes this year, I met a collector, who liked my vegetables- which were pretty large, never measured, and, let's just say, UGLY, that he asked a bunch of them for himself. I needed time, to get over the shock, that someone actually LIKES my work, even though they were UGLY. Yep, like childish playing around. But still, he's asking for more and more of them, and I'm still trying to get better in creating them.

What was the reason I bought my clay set? I still have no idea. I just dropped out of school, and had no idea, what to do with my life, no chance, to go to university or graduate, so I started to knead clay. Now my borders are tightening again. I want more, than creating a dozen of each piece, which could be waaay better, if I put just a bit more effort in creating them. That's why I start to write this blog. This might be a 'bit' selfish, but I need the pressure and the support of pulicity. That's how someone can improve skills. Or at least, for me, this is the way! I hope, that you'll enjoy, what you see, and return for news. Feel free to comment, ask questions, criticize, or whatever you'd like, I will read them all, and answer them all! Welcome, to my improving miniature world :)

Based on SugarCharmShop's (Tanja Jensen) celery, carrot and knife tutorial