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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Co-production time! #1

Well, let me show you this real co-production job! In this bakery, you can see 3 different person's work. So let's see, who is behind the "crime"!

- The arrangement is my partner's, Tandy's work, who's main line is the Shadow Box decoration, which she does with AMAZING sense for furnishing! She cuts, paints, glue, and does all the messy job for us! You can check her site here:

- The wooden shop is created by Attila Székely, who is an excellent, amazing, jaw-dropping good wood-sculptor! Check his products on his site, and you'll be amazed!

- And finally, my job was the content of the bakery, the miniature bread, baguette, croissant, and all the different stuff you can see! I enjoyed this one soooo much!

Now, you have met the team, take some time, to visit their site, and enjoy the beauty they share! I promise, you'll be satisfied!

Ready, steady, eat!

Miniature bakery

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