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Friday, February 28, 2014


I’m over a very busy weekend, again. Last time I wished for more like this, now I think I had enough for at least a month!

I have spent the weekend at the Factory, to catch up with the requests and commissions. We had a request, which really got to my mind, so it wasn’t so hard to take it in my hands,

The style was the 30’s style. I googled up a few ideas, and chose some tutorials for my first few cardstock furniture. Kris’ blog is becoming one of my favourites, she does really awesome stuff and so detailed tutorials!

Since I have no tools for woodcraft, I have to use cardstock and different papers for my furniture, and I enjoy creating them more than I thought at first.

This is not the whole roombox, just a few materials I chose to make a composition. I also made a desk with a (pretty lame) typewriter, ink and quill and a lamp. First try, hard success. Well, I did my best, I hope!

I got some more clay this weekend. I bought a pack of porcelain puppen, I was a bit afraid of it, because I needed it for and exchange of normal white, which is pretty expensive. For real brightwhite, it's pretty lame. But for color mixing, no better is needed. Fortunately got a pack of classic white too.  I rarely work with real white, I hate the visible dust on it... It's a pain to clean up!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Under pressure

I’m in a forced walk nowdays.  Somehow I took the challenge to finish almost a month’s work in a week, so I have no time for…nothing.  I’m wishing for a good rest now, buti t will have to wait a few more days.

We have a few huge projects with the Factory now. I don’t really know if I can publish it, so I’ll leave it for now, but trust me, if it every gets to it’s final state… well, that will be awesome!

Where are my own projects? After getting a huge supply of materials, ran out of black clay for a while now though, I don’t have a spare minute for them! I managed to set up a new wall storage few days ago, out of an old and used bead-weaving frame – poor people are the most creative I guess!

Then what was I making in the past days? I found a few new materials. One of them is cardstock, which I found as an idea at, the other is beercan. I used cardstock for an antique fireplace, which I had a tutorial from (here), beercan became some garden tools – pretty primitive, fast to make and more important- cheap! They ask around 2-3$ for 6 pack of these, but I managed to finish around 30 of 1$ including beer! :D It counts a lot, when I need a big amount!

I made a shopping on ebay, as usual every month… well, not just for myself. I have found some AWESOME materials and tools lately, which I will show you as soon as they arrive. They take about a month, so hard to wait that long!

I’d better return to my projects- I’m working on some baguette and bread- lots of them.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I was out of town for two days, and was at shopping yesterday... I got a bunch of new experience and a bag of new stuff, just to increase the chaos around my desk!

Let's check them one-by-one!

I brought my very own display shadow box yesterday from Tandy, which I had already filled up with my finished miniatures. Well, some of them are from the beginning, from the old past, some are new, some are messed up, but I want to arrange them here, using an approximate time scale to see, how I improve day by day. I feel that this will be a great inspiration in the future!

Still have my box unfinished - should go for it again!

On Sunday, I was at the model car fair, where we had a HUGE haul... Actually, just Tandy had, but I also got two 1:18 motorbikes for myself. One of them is a bit damaged, but I plan to build it in a diorama some day! Now I need a shelf to display them!

And yesterday we did the regular monthly shopping, and I checked in KIK to see, if I can find something useful for the household. But I have found more! Over a bunch of kitchen stuff, two scissors, and a new hairbrush, I got these AWESOME little plastic cabinets! They were pretty cheap, so I instantly got 4!

I won't even mention the minor stuff, like the fabric, paper, and other useful stuff I got from friends and from stores. Whew, I wish more weekends like this!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Potatoes, onions and carrots in 1/18

Expanding the material-scale is never easy, huh? Nowadays I use more metal and fabric than before, and sometimes it's very hard to find the one, that fits best for a specific idea. Still my favourite base for scenes is wood, as it has the most ways to use, and because of the natural look that it gives to an otherwise simple idea.

This time, I was just doing some pretty simple requests. I had a few carrots in front of me, and when I was making the potatoes and onions, I just placed them next to it. When I looked up, I saw this scene, which made me to reach out for my camera!

Let's just say, that a lonely potato is boring. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't even think in the pieces apart, but I quite not used to complex things nowadays.
The webbed bag is made out of a cheap mosquito-curtain (no way, I have never used this phrase, I'm not even sure if I use it right, haha!), painted with simple, cheapest type of fabric paint. Ironed, washed, ad the manual said- this was the first time I used it, but I will surely use it from now on- must get some more colors very soon!

Well, this just made my day! Otherwise, I'm extremely tired. I had to make a rush, because I'm going out of town for the weekend, and I have to bring some projects with me. I just hope, that I don't have to fit in more programs in the weekend, because I might come home as a chewed, oily rag!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Workshop photos

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I've got a bunch of photos of the half-finished projects, unbaked stuff, forgotten minis on my camera. They deserve an own blog post now! I don't want to talk much about them, as they are just some stage-photos mostly - hope you like them! :)

Bakery in progress

Bakery in progress #2
First shot of the 1:18 garlics

I'm a... bunch of bananas!

Leathercraft prototype - cowboy hats
...and at last, I got some moss for my veggies! YAY!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

My bakery (1/18)

Bread and baguette are on my favourite-list to make. They look so good together! I have a plan to make my own bakery in dollhouse scale one day... along with some other things that I'd like to build, if I get the supplies I need. Unfortunately I didn't born with heaps of money in my pocket, so it will have to wait for a while!
Until that time, I have these mini scenes I improvise each time I make som stuff that fits together somehow... usually after taking a photo I take them apart, but it's fun to arrange! (Even if my camera is still not my best friend!)