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Friday, February 28, 2014


I’m over a very busy weekend, again. Last time I wished for more like this, now I think I had enough for at least a month!

I have spent the weekend at the Factory, to catch up with the requests and commissions. We had a request, which really got to my mind, so it wasn’t so hard to take it in my hands,

The style was the 30’s style. I googled up a few ideas, and chose some tutorials for my first few cardstock furniture. Kris’ blog is becoming one of my favourites, she does really awesome stuff and so detailed tutorials!

Since I have no tools for woodcraft, I have to use cardstock and different papers for my furniture, and I enjoy creating them more than I thought at first.

This is not the whole roombox, just a few materials I chose to make a composition. I also made a desk with a (pretty lame) typewriter, ink and quill and a lamp. First try, hard success. Well, I did my best, I hope!

I got some more clay this weekend. I bought a pack of porcelain puppen, I was a bit afraid of it, because I needed it for and exchange of normal white, which is pretty expensive. For real brightwhite, it's pretty lame. But for color mixing, no better is needed. Fortunately got a pack of classic white too.  I rarely work with real white, I hate the visible dust on it... It's a pain to clean up!

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  1. A kandalló csodás! A fotel is remekül sikerült. Kris valóban remek ember, minden tudását megosztja velünk, földi halandókkal:)