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Friday, January 31, 2014

Miniature leather bag - tutorial

I'm learning about leather! Got some scrap leather the other day, and decided to do some a simple sewn bag. This has a simple sketched pattern, nothing difficult. Measured it in 1/12, and planned to pass it for shadow boxes... But I might keep it for myself, and make some others like this. It took about one and a half hours to create completely and a few holes on my hand (can I make something nowadays that doesn't destroy half of my hand skin???). I put a simple sketch of the pattern under, which you can change easily.

Here is a simple tutorial about how to make it:
  • Use the pattern of the size that you like, draw on the backside of the leather (or fabric) of your choice, and cut it.
  • Fold the bag in half, where marked on picture, and saw the sides with the stiches that you like. You can probably use a machine, but I don't have the necessary needles and accessories, so I chose hand sewing.
  • Pinch the holes on the bottom by the sides (as marked), and saw them together;
  • And now you can apply the handle, which, in this case is a simple strip of leather fold in half and sewn. You can use chains, fabric, thread-braids,  satin cords, whatever fits for your design!
  • Apply decorations of your choice- I used simple bronze tone charms, which I got from ebay earlier.
  • Ta-daa!
Hope, you like this project!


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Garlic strings #2 - Size comparison

This is how the 1/18 garlic strings ended up! It's a "little" smaller then the previous one... I had a hard time gluing these tiny garlics to the raffia braid, when I finished, my hands were just like some rotten zombie's hands, when the skin is peeling off... Yuck!!! Yeah, superglue is 'fun' to use! I had to check around if I can find something for superglue-removal, and found that nail polish remover with acetone works just fine with it - though it took some time to wash it off. I'd better get some tweezers, if I still need the skin on my hand, ha!

The new, 1/18 garlic strings compared to a coin!
The old, unmeasured (approx. 1/8) garlic strings

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I got a package!

I just got a beautiful, awesome, super-duper supply package early this morning! I'm so excited!
This time, I have nothing to do with these creations, except that I will fill them up with clay miniatures! ;)

Just what I needed, just the right size, thanks to Gábor Csepreghy, who made these awesome wooden stuff  one by one!

You all know the feeling, when you get a long waited pack, and open it... I don't know, how you feel about this, but when I get something new, especially some unique and long waited stuff, I must hold it in hands for a while! :D

If you'd like to get your own, you can contact the artist on this e-mail: dskft (at) upcmail (dot) hu

So here comes the photo-bunch! Make sure you check them all, worth it! ;)

Bread case! Dollhouse scale, and with working door :)

Bread case, some rolling boards & pins and a future cookie box


It's made this way! ;)

Rolling pins that actually roll!
Size comparison

Cutting board and rolling pin
Now the "family"! Placed on a normal A/4 paper!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Taking a break... blogging. Just a few days, because I have much work to do as an SOS. I won't be posting until around Wednesday, but I'll leave some photos of my recent projects here :) Not much, just to prove that I'm really in work, haha!

Fruits on 1/18 plates. Strawberries turned out to be giant!

Improvisation in 1/18; Hamburger with cookies

1/18 hamburgers

Kitchen supplies in 1/18. It took some time for the cutlery :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Garlic strings

They are ready! Woot-woot! I made some unmeasured garlis strings, which I just finished, and I can't stand to post it immediately! Made those for Tandy, for her shadow boxes. Some more are in progress, in 1:18 scale, that takes a bit more time though... still working on the raffia braids. Can't wait to show you the size comparison!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Miniature cookies on silver clay tray

I was just trying out a few things... Made some random cookies the other day, and today I played with silver pigment. I made a simple prototype silver tray. It's just silver clay dusted with fimo pigments. I placed on some of my cookies, because: why not? I made too much of them anyways :)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Miniature cocoa rolls

Cocoa rolls are one of my favourite - well, not to eat, I never liked them too much... :) But it's ideal to miniaturize. These few are flatback rolls, but some more of them are in progress with detailed backside. Actually, these were asked as an earring, but I made a lot more of them, it fits so much everywhere!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Life in 1/12 and 1/18

I had no time for blogging. Really! In the past days, I was working on lots of small projects, such as garlics, potatoes, plates, hamburgers series, and some more is still in my list. Grapes too...again. I'm also trying to make the perfect doll's eyes, which is not as easy as I thought at first!

I'm really in for dishes and cutlery. For a very long time, I was searching for a good technique for plates, and it took a while, until I managed to make some that fits for my expectations. I feel like I'm going on the perfectionist miniature way, which is not as easy, as the little girl thought at first... 
A few months ago, I ordered a bunch of dollhouse stuff from ebay... Like plates, cups, pots, and also got some others, like flowerpots and eyeshadow trays (this one from a friend, thank you so much again! ;) ). In the past few weeks, I only used them for future shadow box accessories. Since I mostly work with 1/18, I can not find any plates for that measurement. So what? I have to make them myself!

I made a fork, a spoon and a knife at first... with 1cm total length. Baked it, it was almost perfect... until somehow I tossed it from my desk to unbeing :( I couldn't find it, and because it was a few weeks ago, it's nowhere around anymore :(
Then I made two molds, to make saucers. One for 1/12 and one for 1/18... Guess what! I broke the first 1/12 piece, but the 1/18 came out almost perfectly... What's going on guys? Somehow I forgot how to work in a dollhouse scale?

Eeer... no, fortunately not :D But working in 1/18 is a lot more exciting. Why? Because there are lots of things that are literally impossible to remake in such small size, and also some of the techniques that are common with dollhouse scale are impossible to use here. For example the plates.- as you search up plate tutorials, they're all for around 2-3cm dishes, but here, the maximum is approx. 14mm. In diameter. Thickness? As thin as possible without breaking it!

So it's very exciting, that I only have the idea, but the process is very new, and (as I know it) there are no 1/18 tutorials around online. Might be, but I've never found any. :)

Here are my plates so far... From 'rubbish through 'acceptable' into 'nice and usable'! No perfect yet - can it ever be? - but I'm going on the right road I think!

The second series of 1/18 plates :)
First few of my 1/18 plates.
Some burnt, some bumpy...

Friday, January 17, 2014

I spy with my little eye...

I got a thoughtshot a few hours ago... But don't run so much forward!
I took a chance to create some doll's eyes, when another clay artist asked for them. She asked for blue, 3mm diameter eyeballs, flatback, glass-like. I'm still trying to make them perfect, but until I manage to finish the others, I'd like to show you the first few. I decided to make a few more colors of the eyeball cane.

3,5mm diameter
Various eye-canes
...and right after I got bored of making realistic eyes, I got the idea, of another kind... Let's take a look! I feel like start caning again!

Yep! That's a sharingan cane!