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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Life in 1/12 and 1/18

I had no time for blogging. Really! In the past days, I was working on lots of small projects, such as garlics, potatoes, plates, hamburgers series, and some more is still in my list. Grapes too...again. I'm also trying to make the perfect doll's eyes, which is not as easy as I thought at first!

I'm really in for dishes and cutlery. For a very long time, I was searching for a good technique for plates, and it took a while, until I managed to make some that fits for my expectations. I feel like I'm going on the perfectionist miniature way, which is not as easy, as the little girl thought at first... 
A few months ago, I ordered a bunch of dollhouse stuff from ebay... Like plates, cups, pots, and also got some others, like flowerpots and eyeshadow trays (this one from a friend, thank you so much again! ;) ). In the past few weeks, I only used them for future shadow box accessories. Since I mostly work with 1/18, I can not find any plates for that measurement. So what? I have to make them myself!

I made a fork, a spoon and a knife at first... with 1cm total length. Baked it, it was almost perfect... until somehow I tossed it from my desk to unbeing :( I couldn't find it, and because it was a few weeks ago, it's nowhere around anymore :(
Then I made two molds, to make saucers. One for 1/12 and one for 1/18... Guess what! I broke the first 1/12 piece, but the 1/18 came out almost perfectly... What's going on guys? Somehow I forgot how to work in a dollhouse scale?

Eeer... no, fortunately not :D But working in 1/18 is a lot more exciting. Why? Because there are lots of things that are literally impossible to remake in such small size, and also some of the techniques that are common with dollhouse scale are impossible to use here. For example the plates.- as you search up plate tutorials, they're all for around 2-3cm dishes, but here, the maximum is approx. 14mm. In diameter. Thickness? As thin as possible without breaking it!

So it's very exciting, that I only have the idea, but the process is very new, and (as I know it) there are no 1/18 tutorials around online. Might be, but I've never found any. :)

Here are my plates so far... From 'rubbish through 'acceptable' into 'nice and usable'! No perfect yet - can it ever be? - but I'm going on the right road I think!

The second series of 1/18 plates :)
First few of my 1/18 plates.
Some burnt, some bumpy...

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