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Friday, January 31, 2014

Miniature leather bag - tutorial

I'm learning about leather! Got some scrap leather the other day, and decided to do some a simple sewn bag. This has a simple sketched pattern, nothing difficult. Measured it in 1/12, and planned to pass it for shadow boxes... But I might keep it for myself, and make some others like this. It took about one and a half hours to create completely and a few holes on my hand (can I make something nowadays that doesn't destroy half of my hand skin???). I put a simple sketch of the pattern under, which you can change easily.

Here is a simple tutorial about how to make it:
  • Use the pattern of the size that you like, draw on the backside of the leather (or fabric) of your choice, and cut it.
  • Fold the bag in half, where marked on picture, and saw the sides with the stiches that you like. You can probably use a machine, but I don't have the necessary needles and accessories, so I chose hand sewing.
  • Pinch the holes on the bottom by the sides (as marked), and saw them together;
  • And now you can apply the handle, which, in this case is a simple strip of leather fold in half and sewn. You can use chains, fabric, thread-braids,  satin cords, whatever fits for your design!
  • Apply decorations of your choice- I used simple bronze tone charms, which I got from ebay earlier.
  • Ta-daa!
Hope, you like this project!



  1. Köszi a megosztást! Tényleg egyszerűnek tűnik, de a bőr varrása talán nem is olyan könnyű :)

    1. Örülök, hogy tetszik! Tényleg nem könnyű szépen varrni, ez meg is látszik az enyémen is... (meg a kezemen :D ). Bőr varrásánál kukába dobhatom a varrónői szakmámat!