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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Too bad, I became lazy again... But just temporarily! In the past few days, I was sorting out my clay boxes. I kept them all messed up in metal boxes, you know, the ones that contain cookies or chocolate- double pleasure! I always buy chocolate and cookies with metal boxes, whenever possible :)

I've got a bunch of scrap clay... Really, a whole big box is full of them, messed up, some of them dirty, or checked out by my Supervisor which is never so good... So what should I do with them?
Yesterday, I managed to sort them by colour. I got a bunch of metal pencilcases, tobacco boxes and stuff like that from friends, and some of them bought myself earlier. I still need more!
But the huge box of dirty scrap is still around... I don't want to toss it into rubbish (It's waaay too expensive stuff to waste like that!) so I'm looking for ideas all over the internet.

Some said, easy-painted stuff could be made out of it, handles for tools (I don't really feel that necessary for myself) or (as usual) the ugly inside technique. Unfortunately, I have known them all, but still I have too much leftover.

What do you think? Do you have any ideas what to make out of  over a kg of dirty-furry clay?

I managed to sort them out somehow like this

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