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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


One of 2013's favourite item was the cacti-series. I just improvised some plants in the pots I got earlier in a craft store. Each pot is 13mm tall, so the cacti are pretty small :)

I also used it as a base for 1:18 pots. Pretty simple technique, which I'd like to share with you :) I just took the pot, and filled it with pot-colored clay completely, caring for air bubbles. Easiest way is to make a long teardrop shape, and press it into the pot by the pointy end, so the pot will fill up completely, and no cracks will be visible when you remove it. Then I took my exacto knife, and cut out a dome shaped bit from the middle, to make it some kind of hollow. Since I used this for other plants, there was no need to make it completely hollow, because I would fill it up anyways. Then I baked the pot, and filled it with soil coloured clay, and "planted" my little cacti inside :)

Right now, I only have photos of the oroginal pots, because last week I managed to break my camera's memory card, and all the past month's photos are gone now :( I saved some of them from facebook and an external drive, but not all of them :( Too bad, now I'm not even able to take photos for a few days, until I get a new one...

Right now, I'm working on some 1:18 cherries. Pretty small I think, but if I manage to finish them, they will look awesome :D

Most excited about these two...
Took some time to figure out, how to stabilize the leaves :)

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  1. Gratula! Tök jó kaktuszok! ...és már nekem is van egy! ;) Kösziiiii!