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Friday, January 10, 2014

Teabox inspired miniatures #1

Recently I bought a lot of kind of tea. They have really nice package, so I said myself, why not make a miniature of that scene?

The first one is Winter Time by Teekanne. This has the most complex decoration of them all, and it has an apple in it, so I chose this one, I needed some practice in apple tones. This is far the best of my apples, I think!

But I still have problems with photography. Now I get, why is that a unique profession. I have an old and lame camera, and no talent for catching the light. I said light? Oh, it's winter time after all, no light at all, at least here. Now I see, that this scene fits in multiple ways... ;)

Winter time (1/12)
Not a very clean photo, but the best one of the apple, so decided to show you

This piece is made in 1/12 scale, but recreated it, without measure for the winner of the Kacatgyár's blog-opening contest. I hope the winner likes it! :)