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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cabbages in 1:18

Well, well, well, I'll be out of photos very soon. Since I still don't have a memory for my camera, I can't show you yesterdays projects, which are some strawberries and cherries.

Now I have some cabbages :) I managed to make some cabbage leaf canes. It took some time to figure out, how it looks the best, as you can see on the first picture. At first I used too much white with the translucent clay, so the veins were too strong, but I figured out, that I only need a tiny chunk, just to give it a color.

Again, I had problems with the leaf. Since I have to make tons of this cabbage, I had to find out an easy technique. It took some time :) I plan to make a vein stamp, so the next cabbages could be much more realistic!

(These are all 1:18!!!)

Evolution of a cabbage!

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