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Sunday, January 12, 2014


I have some unposted stuff from earlier, like this dish of nachos. Pretty simple, but messed it up with the sour cream. The liquid mixture was too thin, and poured everywhere in the oven... I'll keep this one for myself, but ready to remake it!

I used pre-baked chips. Simply took a sheet of light ecru clay, and brushed on soft pastels. Then placed it on some sandpaper, and poked it with a toothbrush and a ball of tin foil, until it got some texture. At the end, I added a bit of black pastels, just like the real thing has as tiny black spots. Cut into triangles, bake, nachos is ready :)
For meat, I used chopped up brownish clay with liquid fimo and pastels. Tomato is from the tomato cane leftover, to minimize the waste. It's not easily visible, but looks good!

No more writing, let the pictures talk for me! (I managed to recover my camera, finally! No professional around yet, but a lot better photos came out of it.)

Size comparison

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