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Friday, January 10, 2014


I'm doing grapes! Yep. Not the first time, but I found a new, better, and a bit faster technique to produce tons of grapes. There will be a few colors... :)

Whoa, a lot!

These colors are all translucent, I'm very excited about them, because I only tried a little pinch of each color (except blue which I had used before, and it's a normal, translucent blue Cernit).
There are... Hmmm... At least a few thousand of them in this tray. Took me 2 days approx., while watching stupid series... this is the brainless part of the creation :P

Here are some of my previous grapes. Not the most realistic, but I plan to do better, and hopefully, I can make the next pack better!

1:18 scale, 17x 22mm. Trays are the work of Gábor Csepreghy!

First one ready in background, and some more in production.

1:12, glazed piece, unique until now. (22x33mm)
It feels soooooo huge after 1:18!
Trays are the work of Gábor Csepreghy!

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