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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I got a package!

I just got a beautiful, awesome, super-duper supply package early this morning! I'm so excited!
This time, I have nothing to do with these creations, except that I will fill them up with clay miniatures! ;)

Just what I needed, just the right size, thanks to Gábor Csepreghy, who made these awesome wooden stuff  one by one!

You all know the feeling, when you get a long waited pack, and open it... I don't know, how you feel about this, but when I get something new, especially some unique and long waited stuff, I must hold it in hands for a while! :D

If you'd like to get your own, you can contact the artist on this e-mail: dskft (at) upcmail (dot) hu

So here comes the photo-bunch! Make sure you check them all, worth it! ;)

Bread case! Dollhouse scale, and with working door :)

Bread case, some rolling boards & pins and a future cookie box


It's made this way! ;)

Rolling pins that actually roll!
Size comparison

Cutting board and rolling pin
Now the "family"! Placed on a normal A/4 paper!