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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Temporary change of topic :)

I've been gone for a while now. I'm still doing minis, and enjoying them, but now is the time to start studying for my first set of exams. I'll be back soon, hopefully with good grades :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Guitar project

As some of you might have seen it already on Facebook, I was working on some new projects in the past few days. I fell in love with miniature guitars, so I decided to make some for fun!

I have a few more styles in mind, but no time to work them out. I have serious problems with scheduling now, since school is starting this week, and I'm just long behind my TO-DO list. Hopefully this will change soon!
I have one of each guitar, though I plan to reproduce them soon.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Let's just say: cake :)

Really, I have NO IDEA, what is this called in English!
That's why I named it simply 'cake' :)
I asked a friend to collect some eyeshadow-trays earlier. I don't use makeup, except for nail polish, but I have found the idea on Pinterest earlier, and liked it so much. Ideal to use as miniature tray or baking pan.
Now I had this commission. I tried twice, somehow the first one was not good enough to me - but finally that was chosen, and even asked for another piece! Too bad, I only had 4 pieces of this type of tray... I want to go shopping for cheap eyeshadow in the Euro-shop, worth it, even if I knock the pigment out of it! :)

                                      Again, I got some PRO photos from Dániel Csepreghy :)

I have started studying lately. I have to write an exam around October of the 9th grade's requirements, to start in 10th grade, and save a year. I don't know yet, if I can make it the way I want, and hope that I won't stuck anywhere in the project, but it's already visible, that swotting is not my style. I'm not used to it. Looks like my brain switched from texts to numbers, I'm doing better in math-type subjects, than history or literature :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Model car accessories #2 - Photo UPDATE!

The package successfully arrived to the destination! And I got a lot of new, professional photos of them! It really makes a difference to see them in a place where they really belong - just awesome!

The photos are made by Dániel Csepreghy, thank you so much again!

Photography was always my weekness, and it's such a relief that someone helps me at this point :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Model car accessories #2

I had made some more types of bags and stuff lately. Again, I forgot to shoot enough photos before sending them out, too bad! Luckily I have some good shoots to show you!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Boredom roses

I have some usual busy days around- school is starting very soon, and to be honest, I didn't really feel like creating anything, except a solved Rubik's cube. I knew I can do it, this is one of the most inspiring successes of my life! :D
While taking a break, I made a rose, just from some scrap clay. I'm working on another project, which I will reveal soon. While I had a visitor around, playing with it resulted in a rose. Nevr felt like making any, but OK, if it was half ready, let's just finish it! Another piece for my magnet collection, since I have no idea, what to do with it!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My first animal project

I had a commission about a french bulldog figurine. I was a bit afraid of this project, because it's soooo different of the things that I usually do. As usual, I postponed this project as much as I could, but there was the time, I couldn't pass it anymore.

It took about a day, to finish. I had really no idea, how to start, what to do, any because I feel sooo like a stranger in anatomy areas, it's really not perfect.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Model car accessories

I've planned to write about these clay-bags for a while now, but I had to collect the photos of them- I always forget to make some before sending off, too bad! Fortunately, I got some VERY GOOD photos, so showtime!
They're all 1/18, and there are a few types... All of them are different a bit of course, just because I'm not a factory with molds around (should I make some molds? Would make my life easier :P ). Some more are in progress, and since it's a good point to test out my Revell paints, I WILL make more types also. Found a few inspiration pictures lately, ready to use them.

Want some of them? Contact: dskft (at) upcmail (dot) hu :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Welcome to Barrockstadt!

I'm sitting among piles of work to do, but still couldn't resist to create something for myself. This "thing" (since I haven't decided what to use it for, maybe I'll stitch it on a bag) is inspired by the Syberia games, which is one of my favorites, and the best of bests among point and click adventures. To those who have never played the game:

The story takes place in a kind of mechanized world, and starts in the French alps, in Valedilene. It has a unique style, with an awesome artwork and storyline. It's marked by the name of Benoit Sokal, and must say, he became one of my favorite game artists ever.

I tried to catch the feeling what the game gave me. I might be wrong, but it fits the "clockpunk" style, with all those mechanic miracles that's seen in the artwork, making you believe it's all possible.

The logo I painted is the original logo of the first Syberia game, a silhouette of an automaton. I had a chance to try my new Revell paints, which I got for some different projects. I don't know much about them yet, but surely like it! It covers the surface quite smoothly, easy applying even with the thinnest brushes. I used Pentart pains earlier, because of it's good price, and for I never needed more precise paintings on my projects. Time for a change!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

No minis

What? No minis, not even a bit?
Nope :) I didn't have the time to produce any. I had to make a bunch of remake, for some of our projects became too successful. Not bad, at least I can finance the future OOAK pieces!

Instead, I've brought you a bunch of photos of my Supervisor. She's taking a break, nothing was ruined by her in the past weeks. I should cut off her salary!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Coffee and cigarette

I must have taken a break... Things have come to a critical point, and I didn't have the power to move and work... At least I have cleaned the house! Well, things come, things pass! Time to step over, and restart!

Nobody ever in the world said, that only beautiful things can be miniaturized! Since my mission is to recreate scenes of reality, it totally fits for my style. I got the idea instantly yesterday, so I took my resin to make a mini ashtray. The others just came.

I use polyester resin, simply because it's a whole lot cheaper than epoxy. It took some time, to find the right one, but the seller was really helpful, they answered every stupid question kindly. For this kind of minis, I find it pretty good, and it's easy-coloring by cheap nail polishes - with it, I can manage even the opacity. Great stuff!

I better get back to my work. Since I did nothing for over 2 weeks, it's starting to overwhelm me. I better catch up very soon - this means I'll have more things to write about in the next few days/weeks!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Miniature timeline

I have just finished a slideshow of my minis of the past year. Now I can really see, and hopefully you can too how they improved over time... Quite a shock, but at the beginning, they all looked real... :)

(Sure, my photography skills improved the most, haha!)

Don't forget to set quality the highest, if it's not already set!

Friday, February 28, 2014


I’m over a very busy weekend, again. Last time I wished for more like this, now I think I had enough for at least a month!

I have spent the weekend at the Factory, to catch up with the requests and commissions. We had a request, which really got to my mind, so it wasn’t so hard to take it in my hands,

The style was the 30’s style. I googled up a few ideas, and chose some tutorials for my first few cardstock furniture. Kris’ blog is becoming one of my favourites, she does really awesome stuff and so detailed tutorials!

Since I have no tools for woodcraft, I have to use cardstock and different papers for my furniture, and I enjoy creating them more than I thought at first.

This is not the whole roombox, just a few materials I chose to make a composition. I also made a desk with a (pretty lame) typewriter, ink and quill and a lamp. First try, hard success. Well, I did my best, I hope!

I got some more clay this weekend. I bought a pack of porcelain puppen, I was a bit afraid of it, because I needed it for and exchange of normal white, which is pretty expensive. For real brightwhite, it's pretty lame. But for color mixing, no better is needed. Fortunately got a pack of classic white too.  I rarely work with real white, I hate the visible dust on it... It's a pain to clean up!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Under pressure

I’m in a forced walk nowdays.  Somehow I took the challenge to finish almost a month’s work in a week, so I have no time for…nothing.  I’m wishing for a good rest now, buti t will have to wait a few more days.

We have a few huge projects with the Factory now. I don’t really know if I can publish it, so I’ll leave it for now, but trust me, if it every gets to it’s final state… well, that will be awesome!

Where are my own projects? After getting a huge supply of materials, ran out of black clay for a while now though, I don’t have a spare minute for them! I managed to set up a new wall storage few days ago, out of an old and used bead-weaving frame – poor people are the most creative I guess!

Then what was I making in the past days? I found a few new materials. One of them is cardstock, which I found as an idea at, the other is beercan. I used cardstock for an antique fireplace, which I had a tutorial from (here), beercan became some garden tools – pretty primitive, fast to make and more important- cheap! They ask around 2-3$ for 6 pack of these, but I managed to finish around 30 of 1$ including beer! :D It counts a lot, when I need a big amount!

I made a shopping on ebay, as usual every month… well, not just for myself. I have found some AWESOME materials and tools lately, which I will show you as soon as they arrive. They take about a month, so hard to wait that long!

I’d better return to my projects- I’m working on some baguette and bread- lots of them.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I was out of town for two days, and was at shopping yesterday... I got a bunch of new experience and a bag of new stuff, just to increase the chaos around my desk!

Let's check them one-by-one!

I brought my very own display shadow box yesterday from Tandy, which I had already filled up with my finished miniatures. Well, some of them are from the beginning, from the old past, some are new, some are messed up, but I want to arrange them here, using an approximate time scale to see, how I improve day by day. I feel that this will be a great inspiration in the future!

Still have my box unfinished - should go for it again!

On Sunday, I was at the model car fair, where we had a HUGE haul... Actually, just Tandy had, but I also got two 1:18 motorbikes for myself. One of them is a bit damaged, but I plan to build it in a diorama some day! Now I need a shelf to display them!

And yesterday we did the regular monthly shopping, and I checked in KIK to see, if I can find something useful for the household. But I have found more! Over a bunch of kitchen stuff, two scissors, and a new hairbrush, I got these AWESOME little plastic cabinets! They were pretty cheap, so I instantly got 4!

I won't even mention the minor stuff, like the fabric, paper, and other useful stuff I got from friends and from stores. Whew, I wish more weekends like this!