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Friday, June 20, 2014

Model car accessories #2

I had made some more types of bags and stuff lately. Again, I forgot to shoot enough photos before sending them out, too bad! Luckily I have some good shoots to show you!

An "in progress" piece of special bag, made by photo. The logo on this one is made in a cane, which was fun to make. I love canes so much! It's so easy to work with  (if I have the right clay consistency).
 A regular mess is on my table. To be honest, to me, this is a nice, clean area. I'm such a messy person! When I'm working on big projects or making lots of pieces at a time, when I finish, it takes a whole day to clean up... Or at least to make myself START to clean up, haha!
 This is a set of luggages, again by photo. I don't want to name the brand here, but some of you might recognize them.
The base color is Cernit 'Poppy red', which I love so much! Nowadays I prefer Cernit over Fimo, at least when it comes to bag making. This type is a lot more stiff, better for caning, and most important, a lot easier to keep clean! I had a block of white last year (?), and it was a shock to see the difference on the finished piece - one out of Fimo, and one out of Cernit. Fimo attracts dust a LOT more, and takes more time to clean up, but with Cernit it was almost no time, and a lot less dust!

Again, some more types :) The guitar case and the backpack are painted with Revell acrylic paint, just because I'm out of black clay. Finally a chance to use up scrap clay! I like Revell more and more each time I use it. I also have oil based Revell paints, but found out that it's pretty slow drying on clay- I like to use them on metal a lot, and small patterns like the tick on the backpack, but for whole covering, acrylic is my best friend!

I hope I might get some more and better photos if the package arrives to the destination. I also have some more bags to try out, leather bags for example. I'm working on a solution to make realistic leather pattern on the bags, maybe out of silicone. That would look awesome I think.

Want some of them? Contact: dskft (at) upcmail (dot) hu :)

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