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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Let's just say: cake :)

Really, I have NO IDEA, what is this called in English!
That's why I named it simply 'cake' :)
I asked a friend to collect some eyeshadow-trays earlier. I don't use makeup, except for nail polish, but I have found the idea on Pinterest earlier, and liked it so much. Ideal to use as miniature tray or baking pan.
Now I had this commission. I tried twice, somehow the first one was not good enough to me - but finally that was chosen, and even asked for another piece! Too bad, I only had 4 pieces of this type of tray... I want to go shopping for cheap eyeshadow in the Euro-shop, worth it, even if I knock the pigment out of it! :)

                                      Again, I got some PRO photos from Dániel Csepreghy :)

I have started studying lately. I have to write an exam around October of the 9th grade's requirements, to start in 10th grade, and save a year. I don't know yet, if I can make it the way I want, and hope that I won't stuck anywhere in the project, but it's already visible, that swotting is not my style. I'm not used to it. Looks like my brain switched from texts to numbers, I'm doing better in math-type subjects, than history or literature :)


  1. Jaj de megkìvántam most a francua krémest :D

  2. Hú, ez istenien néz ki!!!! Imádom a franciakrémest! Ez nagyon guszta lett!
    A fotók tényleg profik :)
    Kár, hogy nem jössz hétvégén. A seggelés bizony nekem sem nagyon feküdt, amikor tovább képzésekre jártam "vén fejjel" :)

    1. Köszi! :) Bizony mázlim van, mostanában rengeteg jó fotót kaptam a cuccaimról!
      A hétvégét én is sajnálom, szívesen megismernélek titeket, na de legközelebb már biztosan összehozom! Nem adom fel! :D