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Thursday, March 27, 2014

No minis

What? No minis, not even a bit?
Nope :) I didn't have the time to produce any. I had to make a bunch of remake, for some of our projects became too successful. Not bad, at least I can finance the future OOAK pieces!

Instead, I've brought you a bunch of photos of my Supervisor. She's taking a break, nothing was ruined by her in the past weeks. I should cut off her salary!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Coffee and cigarette

I must have taken a break... Things have come to a critical point, and I didn't have the power to move and work... At least I have cleaned the house! Well, things come, things pass! Time to step over, and restart!

Nobody ever in the world said, that only beautiful things can be miniaturized! Since my mission is to recreate scenes of reality, it totally fits for my style. I got the idea instantly yesterday, so I took my resin to make a mini ashtray. The others just came.

I use polyester resin, simply because it's a whole lot cheaper than epoxy. It took some time, to find the right one, but the seller was really helpful, they answered every stupid question kindly. For this kind of minis, I find it pretty good, and it's easy-coloring by cheap nail polishes - with it, I can manage even the opacity. Great stuff!

I better get back to my work. Since I did nothing for over 2 weeks, it's starting to overwhelm me. I better catch up very soon - this means I'll have more things to write about in the next few days/weeks!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Miniature timeline

I have just finished a slideshow of my minis of the past year. Now I can really see, and hopefully you can too how they improved over time... Quite a shock, but at the beginning, they all looked real... :)

(Sure, my photography skills improved the most, haha!)

Don't forget to set quality the highest, if it's not already set!