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Thursday, March 27, 2014

No minis

What? No minis, not even a bit?
Nope :) I didn't have the time to produce any. I had to make a bunch of remake, for some of our projects became too successful. Not bad, at least I can finance the future OOAK pieces!

Instead, I've brought you a bunch of photos of my Supervisor. She's taking a break, nothing was ruined by her in the past weeks. I should cut off her salary!

That's what I was talking about, salary cut here!

She's licking the wall...
At first I thought that she has some health problems,
but found out, that she just likes to entertain us...
Just when we looked at her, while cleaning it,
a sudden passion took over her :D


  1. De édes! Nekem tricolor van! A fekete-fehér csodás kandúrkám tavaly meghalt (:

    1. :( Nem élet az élet bársonytalpak nélkül! ;)