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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Welcome to Barrockstadt!

I'm sitting among piles of work to do, but still couldn't resist to create something for myself. This "thing" (since I haven't decided what to use it for, maybe I'll stitch it on a bag) is inspired by the Syberia games, which is one of my favorites, and the best of bests among point and click adventures. To those who have never played the game:

The story takes place in a kind of mechanized world, and starts in the French alps, in Valedilene. It has a unique style, with an awesome artwork and storyline. It's marked by the name of Benoit Sokal, and must say, he became one of my favorite game artists ever.

I tried to catch the feeling what the game gave me. I might be wrong, but it fits the "clockpunk" style, with all those mechanic miracles that's seen in the artwork, making you believe it's all possible.

The logo I painted is the original logo of the first Syberia game, a silhouette of an automaton. I had a chance to try my new Revell paints, which I got for some different projects. I don't know much about them yet, but surely like it! It covers the surface quite smoothly, easy applying even with the thinnest brushes. I used Pentart pains earlier, because of it's good price, and for I never needed more precise paintings on my projects. Time for a change!


  1. Cool! Nem ismererem a játékot, de sejtem a koncepciót! :)

    1. Ha időt tudsz szakítani rá, mindenképp ajánlom! Elvarázsol! :)