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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My first animal project

I had a commission about a french bulldog figurine. I was a bit afraid of this project, because it's soooo different of the things that I usually do. As usual, I postponed this project as much as I could, but there was the time, I couldn't pass it anymore.

It took about a day, to finish. I had really no idea, how to start, what to do, any because I feel sooo like a stranger in anatomy areas, it's really not perfect.

Another thing, that made him more difficult is, that he had to be a key chain. Strengthening a figurine is not so easy, especially when it's so small, that building an armature is almost impossible. I applied a few coats of liquid clay around the fragile areas, and hope, that it holds out.

This gave me the push, to make more animals. I plan to miniaturize my supervisor, just because she's cute! but I miss the materials for "furring". Every new projects takes a lot of investing, not just in work, but in materials, and also, sometimes tools. I better find out a specialization now, or I'll bankrupt!

In progress


  1. Szerintem nagyon aranyos! Én biztos nem tudnék ilyet!

    1. Ezt azért ne mondd, te is olyanokat csinálsz, hogy csak pislogok néha! :)