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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Potatoes, onions and carrots in 1/18

Expanding the material-scale is never easy, huh? Nowadays I use more metal and fabric than before, and sometimes it's very hard to find the one, that fits best for a specific idea. Still my favourite base for scenes is wood, as it has the most ways to use, and because of the natural look that it gives to an otherwise simple idea.

This time, I was just doing some pretty simple requests. I had a few carrots in front of me, and when I was making the potatoes and onions, I just placed them next to it. When I looked up, I saw this scene, which made me to reach out for my camera!

Let's just say, that a lonely potato is boring. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't even think in the pieces apart, but I quite not used to complex things nowadays.
The webbed bag is made out of a cheap mosquito-curtain (no way, I have never used this phrase, I'm not even sure if I use it right, haha!), painted with simple, cheapest type of fabric paint. Ironed, washed, ad the manual said- this was the first time I used it, but I will surely use it from now on- must get some more colors very soon!

Well, this just made my day! Otherwise, I'm extremely tired. I had to make a rush, because I'm going out of town for the weekend, and I have to bring some projects with me. I just hope, that I don't have to fit in more programs in the weekend, because I might come home as a chewed, oily rag!


  1. Your net bags turned out awesome! Great photo.

    1. Thank you ^^ Some of them already got their owner on today's fair :)